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The Best Green Chili & Chili Peppers in Denver

Time to get together with friends, enjoy the awards fabulous food & drink. Green chili is always a favorite and our latest is easy, fabulous, and beautiful:

Darren's Award Winning Green Chili

Darren’s Champion Green Chili won first place at the 2016 Denver Chili Fest. A simple recipe, it is bursting with flavor, colorful and is a no-fail recipe that can be used as a basis for many variations.

Also try Simple Sensational Green Chile Dip: One of our all-time favorites – a classic green chile dip or sauce – easy and unbeatable!

Classic Green Chile Sauce or Dip

Simple Sensational Green Chile Dip is a classic cooked combination of lots of green chiles with just a little bit of onion and spices, just the right balance for full flavor where you can really taste the green chiles

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