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Primo Green Chili & Chili Peppers in Denver

Chile Cheese Potato Casserole


Need a simple recipe that’s a guaranteed hit?

Buy some already grilled BBQ ribs from the deli and a ready-made salad and whip up these Queso Potatoes. Even the worst chef in the world can cook these up in no time, and they are awesome!

This is a great dish to have your younger beginning chefs make. You can’t possibly screw it up!


Plenty of frozen fresh roasted chile to tide you over …

3 more months till chile season!

You can get vacuum sealed roasted chiles frozen right after roasting…
The Chili Guys 55th & Federal 303-455-4030
To order chiles shipped to you, fill out this form.

If you live in Denver, fill out the form and specify you will pick them up. (Shipping is expensive)

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