Primo Green Chili & Chili Peppers in Denver

Are you ready for the holidays?

Hmmm – I’ve already been giving green chiles (peeled, seeded & packed in freezer bags … by me! Yeah, it’s a lot of work for a present) – fresh chiles still available for a week or so at Morales Family Chile Store (52nd & Sheridan) & The Chili Guys (55th & Federal).

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Here’s what I’m really excited about: I just took a fabulous online cooking class in Mexican Street Food from Craftsy … and it’s on sale through Nov 30 for $19.99 (more than half off)! What a wonderful present for Southwestern food-loving home cook! Check it out here:

Deb Schneider teaches Mexican Street Food


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Frozen Chiles available:

You can get vacuum sealed roasted chiles frozen right after roasting…
The Chili Guys 55th & Federal 303-455-4030
To order chiles shipped to you, fill out this form.

If you live in Denver, fill out the form and specify you will pick them up. (Shipping is expensive)

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Collage of Chile Vendors in Denver