Weekly Recipes

Coyote Chili – 2016 World Champion

Award Winning Coyote Chili

Coyote Chili won the ICS World Championship for Green Chili in 2016. It’s a spicy hot, full-flavored green chili […]

Darren’s Champion Green Chili

Darren's Award Winning Green Chili

Darren’s Champion Green Chili won first place at the 2016 Denver Chili Fest. A simple recipe, it is bursting […]

Moose Tracks Chili – 2015 World Champion Green Chili

2015 World Champion Chile Verde

Moose Tracks Chili is the 2015 World Champion Chile Verde and was created by Eileen Beaty. This is a […]

Dragonfly Chili

2014 World Champion Green Chili

2014 World Champion Green Chili by Mary Parker. A very meaty, thick green chili – hot and flavorful. Very […]

Chili Verde from Heaven

2013 World Champion Green Chili

2013 World Champion Green Chili, full of chiles and seasoning. Adjust seasoning and heat to taste. […]

World Champion Green Chili 2011

2011 Green Chili World Cookoff Winner

Personally I thought this was a very good recipe and easy to make. But take note of the mixed […]

World Champion Green Chili 2010

B & M’s Double Flush Chili Verde   Print Prep time 20 mins Cook time 3 hours Total time […]

World Champion Green Chili 2009

World Champion Green Chili 2009

This is a really good green chili recipe. I’d rank it in the top 5 of the world champions. Plus it is easy to make. In general, these green chili recipes are very forgiving, and you can get away with completely leaving out an ingredient or two. It uses canned salsa verde and green enchilada sauce, which rounds out the flavor with minimal work (but offends purists). Reduce the serranos and use hot green chiles for 1 cup of the chiles for more real green chile flavor. […]

World Champion Green Chili 2008

Gambler's Chili

One of the easier and one of the very best of the World Champion Green Chili recipes. This is […]

World Champion Green Chili 2007

2007 Champion Chile Verde

Sun of Nikki Chili Verde   Print Prep time 20 mins Cook time 2 hours 30 mins Total time […]