Weekly Recipes

Chicken Chile Curry

Chicken Curry

This is a classic basic curry – chicken & peas – with chiles to add heat and dimension. Very […]

Southwestern Flatbread Pizza

Green Chile Pizza

Southwestern Flatbread Pizza is a simple dish – based more on quesadillas than pizza in ingredients. Never fail, easy […]

Tomatillo Chile Pulled Chicken

Simple Pulled Chicken

Tomatillo Chile Pulled Chicken – a simple yet versatile and healthy main dish that can be used in tacos, […]

Eggplant Tomato Casserole

Healthy Eggplant Tomato Casserole

Eggplant Tomato Casserole is a healthy, vegetarian, Paleo dish that is flavorful, versatile and addictive. Serve it as a […]

Sweet Hot Chicken

Sweet and Sour and Hot Chicken

Like sweet and sour chicken? Well, this is a version of it. It’s a simple recipe – just a […]

Pesto Mushroom Pita Pizza

Spicy Individual Mushroom Pizza

Pesto Mushroom Pita Pizza is an easy, gourmet lunch or snack with lots of flavor and a bit of heat. […]

Chile Cheesesteak Rollups

Chile Cheese Steak Rollups

Chile Cheesesteak Rollups are a spicy, satisfying version of the classic favorite – rolled up instead of on a […]

Chicken Angel Wings

Smothered Green Chili Chicken Breasts

Chicken Angel Wings is an easy family favorite – seared and baked chicken breasts in a savory sauce.

This […]

Garlic Chile Chicken

Garlic Chili Chicken

Garlic Chile Chicken is very simple to make, yet absolutely scrumptious, Make a sauce out of the drippings and more green chile to make it even more elegant. […]


Molletes open faced sandwich

Molletes is sort of a Mexican open face grilled cheese sandwich – easy, fabulous comfort food […]