Weekly Recipes

Pesto Mushroom Pita Pizza

Spicy Individual Mushroom Pizza

Pesto Mushroom Pita Pizza is an easy, gourmet lunch or snack with lots of flavor and a bit of heat. […]

Chile Cheesesteak Rollups

Chile Cheese Steak Rollups

Chile Cheesesteak Rollups are a spicy, satisfying version of the classic favorite – rolled up instead of on a […]

Chicken Angel Wings

Smothered Green Chili Chicken Breasts

Chicken Angel Wings is an easy family favorite – seared and baked chicken breasts in a savory sauce.

This […]

Garlic Chile Chicken

Garlic Chili Chicken

Garlic Chile Chicken is very simple to make, yet absolutely scrumptious, Make a sauce out of the drippings and more green chile to make it even more elegant. […]


Molletes open faced sandwich

Molletes is sort of a Mexican open face grilled cheese sandwich – easy, fabulous comfort food […]

Santa Fe Chicken Crepe

Green Chile Chicken Crepe

Santa Fe Chicken Crepe is simple, elegant and yummy – adapted from a dish served at Sweet Pea Cafe […]

Chile Kotlets

Green Chile Kotlets

Chile kotlets – Russian recipe for hamburger patties with a Southwestern flair. Truly decadent. […]

Homemade Green Chile Chorizo

Homemade Green Chile Chorizo

Have you tried many of the brands of chorizo in the supermarket? I have. Some of the […]

Yummy Stuffed Pumpkin

Stuffed Jack-o-Lanterns

Stuffed with a favorite ground beef, chile, and rice mixture, this is a festive main dish for Halloween […]

Easy Green Chile Chicken Alfredo

Quick and Easy Green Chile Chicken Alfredo

Quick and Easy Green Chile Chicken Alfredo is about as simple as it gets, yet is an elegant guaranteed […]