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Order Chiles Request Received

Brighton Dynamite Chiles Frozen to keep for years


Note: You have not placed an order. You will get a call from The Chili Guys where they will get specifics on your order and process the order. If you do not get a call within 48 hours, please call The Chili Guys at 303-455-4030 or Anita at 303-316-8002.

Why have chiles shipped to you?

  • Convenience – when the chiles arrive at your door, just throw them in the freezer.
  • Stocking up – our customers often order a 2-year supply. They keep in the freezer for several years.
  • There’s nothing like the real thing! Once you start cooking with these fresh roasted chiles, you won’t want to settle for less.

What is in an order of chiles?

  • 1 bushel = 12 lbs of chiles, packed in six 2-lb vacuum sealed bags
  • About 20 different varieties are available – the form you filled out listed the 10 most popular
  • You can mix and match varieties (example: 2 lbs of Hatch Mild, 4 lbs of Big Jim, 4 lbs Mirasol, and 2 lbs Dynamite). When we call you we clarify exactly what you want.
  • The insulated shipping container can hold more than 1 bushel, so it is easy to add to the order
  • Most people order unpeeled chiles, but we also have peeled and diced chiles.
  • If you are in the Denver Metro area, you have the option of picking up the chiles and saving on shipping costs

Want to save money? Shipping costs are more expensive for small orders. Save per bushel by ordering a 2-year supply or getting with friends to combine orders.

By placing your request through Denver Green Chili, you will get $5 off on your order. If you call The Chili Guys directly, just tell them you found them through Denver Green Chili and you will get the discount.

We do not yet have the capability to fully process orders online – that’s why the phone follow-up.

Why buy chiles already frozen for you? Even if you are local, you may want to choose this option rather than buying a fresh-roasted bushel, packing and freezing them yourself. See our frozen chile guide here.