Weekly Recipes

Cranberry Chile Chutney

Cranberry Chile Chutney

Cranberry Chile Chutney is a spicy sweet tart condiment that makes an exceptional compliment to turkey, potatoes, yams, or […]

Chicken Chile Curry

Chicken Curry

This is a classic basic curry – chicken & peas – with chiles to add heat and dimension. Very […]

Southwestern Flatbread Pizza

Green Chile Pizza

Southwestern Flatbread Pizza is a simple dish – based more on quesadillas than pizza in ingredients. Never fail, easy […]

Calabacitas Stuffing

Calabacitas Turkey Dressing

Calabacitas Stuffing is a wonderful, easy to make turkey stuffing with vegetables and a Southwest flair. Just a bit […]

Nightshade Chili

Green Chili with Eggplant and Tomatillos

Nightshade Chili is based on classic green chili … but with all the nightshades. Low fat, unthickened, and flavorful, […]

Tomatillo Chile Pulled Chicken

Simple Pulled Chicken

Tomatillo Chile Pulled Chicken – a simple yet versatile and healthy main dish that can be used in tacos, […]

Gourmet Fig Pizza

Savory Fig Pizza

Gourmet Fig Pizza looks like a small pizza, but with a unique, distinctive taste. A bit sweet, savory, and […]

Popper Breakfast Sandwich

Jalapeno Popper Sandwich

Popper Breakfast Sandwich is an easy, yet robust and a bit unusual, sandwich that I just tried at Brickhouse […]

Tortilla Hash


This is an easy way to fix up a special breakfast for one. It’s essentially a scrambled egg dish […]

Garlic Zucchini Chile Sauté

Southwestern Zucchini and Chiles

Garlic Zucchini Chile Sauté is a simple, nutritious vegetable dish packed full of flavor. Quick to make, it’s paleo, […]