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Cheese N Pepper Avocado Boats

Melted Cheese Avocado Boats

An easy, elegant, and healthy appetizer. The peppers, onion, chiles and avocado complement each other perfectly . [...]

Cucumber Feta Salad

An elegant, flavorful salad that contrasts cool cucumbers with hot chiles. This is a favorite of our classes on how to cook with chiles. [...]

Eggplant Salsa

Eggplant Tapenade or Salsa


I can’t say eggplant is the prettiest vegetable in the world, but this dish is full of flavor. [...]

Breakfast Burrito Bites

Easy Breakfast Burrito Bites

An easy breakfast or brunch recipe that’s also guaranteed to be a hit. Use ham, bacon, sausage, and whatever veggies you like to suit your own taste. Try chipotle salsa for an interesting twist. [...]

Chile Relleno Pepper Casserole

Chile Relleno Casserole with Bell Pepper

One of my all-time favorite chile dishes is the chile relleno casserole – and it’s fun to come up with variations! This is such a simple, popular dish, and adding red bell pepper not only gives a flavorful new dimension, but also such gorgeous color. [...]

Peppery Pulled Pork

Hatch Peppery Pulled Pork

Flavorful, spicy Peppery Pulled Pork ideal for a casual buffet party. Very easy to prepare and also easy to adapt heat level to suit your guests. [...]

Monterrey Green Chili

Monterrey Green Chili

A flavorful, popular green chili recipe with large chunks of pork and a thin broth with tomatoes. [...]

Chipotle Crab Dip

Southwestern Chipotle Crab Dip

Chipotle Crab Dip is a spicy, elegant dip ideal for parties. You can make this either mild or hot, your preference. [...]

Creamy Avocado Broccoli Soup

Paleo Gluten-free Avocado Broccoli Soup

A flavorful Paleo, Vegan, Gluten-free, and dairy-free soup. Packed with nutrition and bright green, this dish is a wonderful addition to a healthy diet. [...]

Enchiladas Verde

Chicken Enchiladas

Easy chicken enchiladas the whole family will love, made with just a few ingredients. You can whip these up in no time, serve with a salad, and have a complete meal. [...]