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Mild Green Chiles from Select New Mexico





Diced mild green chiles from Hatch, New Mexico. These chiles have just a hint of heat are mild enough for nearly anyone. Yet they are bursting with that unique roasted green chile flavor.

These chiles are ideal for soups, casseroles, burgers, dips, and countless other dishes.
Hot Green Chiles from Select New Mexico


Do you like spicy food? These authentic Hatch green chiles have that great New Mexico chile flavor with a kick. These are already peeled and diced, ready to throw into your chilis, dips, casseroles and more.







Jalapenos from Select New Mexico



Jalapenos are hot! And they are also a favorite nationwide for nachos, appetizers and burgers. But what you usually get in the grocery store is either pickled or fresh (with skins on).

Our Select New Mexico jalapenos are fresh-roasted, diced, and frozen, giving them a robust, smokey flavor. You’ve never had anything like these.

Try them on your next batch of nachos and you’ll never go back to those pickled jalapenos!




Red Chile Puree from Select New Mexico



Have you been cooking with red chili powder or red enchilada sauce? These are made with dried red chiles. Our Select New Mexico red chile puree is made from fresh red chile … and you can definitely taste the difference!

Try making enchiladas, burritos, soups, and dips with red chile puree – and here the compliments pour in!