About Us

About Us

I’ve been cooking with green chiles for …., well, years. For a few decades, the green chiles were all from cans. But when I moved back to Denver from California in 2002, I discovered the roadside chile vendors who show up around late August. Since then, every year I buy more bushels and try new varieties. Plus my experiments with green chiles have expanded enormously.

In 2005, I started exploring to find new vendors and different varieties, i.e., driving up and down Federal Blvd. In 2006, the vendor I had been buying chiles from disappeared, and I decided to find “the best” place to buy my chiles. So I started driving all over the Denver Metro area and even went to the Pueblo Chile Festival. Why didn’t I try the phone book? Because chile vendors are not in it. I figured that if I was interested in discovering the best place to buy chiles, others should be too. So I decided to build a web site.

Denver Green Chili has been steadily growing. Every week there are new subscribers to the Recipe of the Week. I frequently get emails expressing appreciation for how this web site contributes to the culture of Denver. I’m always looking for ways to improve it – so please write!



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