Denver Chile Stands

Where to buy fresh roasted green chile in Denver

Purple* indicates updated for 2023

Vendor Hours Varieties Prices
Morales Family Chile*
52nd & Sheridan
303-919-8522 Morales Family Chile Store website
See website for other products: Broncos gear, spices, salsas, jams, etc
Opens Wed
Aug 30, 2023
9 am-6 pm  M-Sat
9-5 Sun
until Nov while supplies last
Hatch:  Mild, Med, Hot, X-Hot
Pueblo: Mild, Med, Hot, X-Hot
Hybrid Dynamite (meatier),
Sandia, Anaheim, Big Jim, Dynamite, Fresno, Poblano, Jalapeno
2023 prices TBA
Prices start at ~ $25/bushel or 2/$40roasting included
The Chili Guys
at Olde Glory Fireworks
5501 Federal
Th-Sat: 10-6
Tues-Wed: Closed
Sun: 10-5
until mid-Oct
frozen chiles available all year
Anaheim Med & Hot, Hatch Mild, Med, Hot, X-Hot,Dynamite (XX-hot)
(more varieties soon..)
updated 2023

$23/half bushel

(varies by variety)

roasting included
2 locations:
1720 S Cherokee St
N of Evans & Santa Fe
16998 E Broncos Pkwy, Centennial, CO 80016
9 – 7 every day til about 5 days after last
frost,early Nov
14 varieties, including:Hatch Hot, Medium,
Mild;Big Jim & Anaheim, Pueblo Hot (Mosco), Dynamite, Poblano
updated 2022
(no 2023 info yet)
prices vary during the season
The Chile Brothers 
3 locations:
4th & Federal,
47th & Federal
97th & Federal
Daily 9-7 Hatch Mild, Medium Hot, X-Hot
Pueblo, Mosco, Mirasol, Big Jim
Ristras (1 ft or 2 ft)
updated 2023
$45/BOGO New Mexico,
$25/ bushel
Pueblo, $30/bu
A Taste of Questa
5045 West 1st Ave
Open ~ Sep  7, 2023
Th, Fri, Sat
10 – 5
Hatch Mild, Medium, Hot,
Pueblo Mild, Medium, Hot, X-Hot
Brighton Mild, Med, Hot, Dynamite
updated 8/25/2023
prices vary during the season
Your Chile Connection
3475 S. Federal
9am – 6pm
Hatch Mild, Medium, Hot, X-Hot, Mosco, Poblano +full
produce stand (awesome produce!) Dynamite
updated 2023
$75/2 bushels
The Chile Guy
711 E. County Line Rd
Sat 9-5
Sun 10-5 thru Sept
Hatch Mild, Medium, Hot, X-Hot, Dynamite and Pueblo coming
updated 2023
Prices vary
Abeyta Family Chile
16th & Federal
Daily 9-6 Hatch Mild, Med, Hot Dynamite due late Aug
Chile powder, salsas(med & hot), beans(coming)
red powder $5/bag
updated 2023
Dynamite – $35/bu
Rios Chile
Florida & Tennyson
(in the Sav-a-Lot
parking lot) map
9:30-5 daily Hatch Mild, Med, Hot, X-Hot, Anaheim,  Jalapeno, Beans, Garlic
Dynamite due late Aug
updated 2023
$50/sack (1.5 bu)
$40 / bushel
$25 / half bushel
Lopez Chili
158 S. Federal
(just N. of Alameda)
7 days/week
10 to 6
Hatch Mild, Medium, Hot, Big Jim, Anaheim, Pueblo, Dynamite
updated 2022
$45/sack (2.25 bushels)
more for

29 comments to Denver Chile Stands

  • sofia otto

    where did the chili stand that was on Federal just north of 285 move to?

    • Anita

      Not sure yet – I don’t have a phone for them. Many vendors will not start roasting until August 16, so let’s see if they appear again. A few won’t be roasting until August 23. Taste of Chili that was on Federal just south of 285 lost that space and is looking for 2 new spaces. They expect to be roasting next weekend and I’ll have the information up by then.

  • Landavazo Chile Connection
    11321 Dransfeldt Rd.
    Parker, CO

    8 to ^ Fri, Sat, Sun
    Start on Aug 16th

    720- 470- 4933

  • Chacha

    We have been getting chiles from that guy for three years. If anyone has seen him or knows where he has moved his stand to, any info would be greatly appreciated. He is an older white guy with a rescued chihuahua (that isn’t very nice but loves him!). Thanks!

  • Chacha

    I found them!! 4700 s sante fe and also setting one up off of federal and hampden south of their old spot.

  • sofia

    any news about the new location of the chili stand that was on Federal just one block north of 285?

  • Mocreek

    I think they may be on S Sheridan between Evans and Jewell this year? At any rate there is a stand there run by Taste of Chili that wasn’t there last year, and Taste of Chili is the same group that ran the Federal and Hampden store. Anyway, that’s where I’ll be heading this week to pick up my bushels. Hoping for the best…

  • Ron


    They will be there through the end of October at the NW corner of 285 and Federal. And the Pueblo mosco’s are YUM !!

  • Sierra

    I’m looking for chili stands that are still open. I’m located in Denver. I know it is early November and many stands are closed, any help is appreciated. Thanks!!

  • Nena

    The best Chile on 47th And federal 27 sack @ 15 a bushel nice price

  • Harry

    A true bushel is 25# and thats all there is to it.When you go to stands they have a sack that they say is 21/2 bushels but actually its only 11/8 bushel. are you kidding me.??/

    • Anita

      Yeah, this is an unregulated business. Most places use laundry baskets and the ones that say they sell “farmers bushels” usually are selling ones that are close to 25#. Some even use extra small laundry baskets. This is definitely a “buyer beware” situation, and to be sure of how much you are getting, take a scale with you.

  • Oct. 30, 2014 9:10 am Looking for 1/2 bushel Hatches peppers prefer a mix mild,med.,hot need for chili rellenos. Thanks, Mike

  • Jim Ruck

    Just wondering how I can be sure I’m getting PUEBLO chili’s vs HATCH…. I find that the Pueblo’s are meatier and easy to peel…

    • Anita

      Best way is to ask the vendor to show you the sack (or better yet, take the bushel from the sack in front of you) and you will see the farm that the chiles came from. You most likely can google the farm and see if it’s located in Pueblo or Hatch. Also, beware that the last few years many vendors use “Mosco,” “Mirasol,” and “Pueblo” interchangeably. Moscos are by far the meatiest and Mirasol are much smaller and less meaty. “Pueblo Hot” is a term that typically applied to Mirasols. The Mosco is a selectively bred Mirasol – meaning its ancestor is the Mirasol but after more that a dozen generations of breeding for bigger, meatier, sturdier chiles it has become its own variety.

  • I found this place that’s better they give you one basket for 18 or 2 baskets for 32. And the there really nice and they have hot chili they have mexicon chili and pueblo .the location is at 8 and federal

  • Beware of all the chili stands in Denver that try to sell you a bushel buy one get one free. What they are selling you is a basket not a bushel so don’t let him fool you by saying that they’re selling you a bushel it is a basket and the buy one get one free your buying one basket getting one free and they’re ripping you off for a little portion of the other part of the bushel. Does everybody out there remember when your gradma used to tell you thst nothings for free well its the truth. Also another issue that is out there is that when they roast the chili they roast it too fast and they just burn the peel off and do not cook the chili the result is that to Chile is burned black from cooking it too fast and not cooking the chili slow there just burning the pill and they do this for whatever reason to save on propane which is not the right way to cook the chili. The proper way to cook Chile is slow @ 13 revolutions per minute on the basket and cooking it for 7 to 8 minutes this is the proper way to cook Pueblo Chile anybody tells you any different they do not know what they are doing. Another issue is when all the venders out there are selling chili in June and July and say that it’s Pueblo Chile they are lying Colorado Chile does not come out till the end of August first weekend in September Labor day weekend so don’t let them bullshit you and tell you that is Colorado Chile. And the chili that they are getting at that time is either from Mexico or California which has no flavor whatsoever compared to Colorado Chile. Remember all these vendors out there are out to make sales and care about making sales only and do not care about giving you a good cook decent chili product it is sad and they should be ashamed of themselves.

  • Jaime

    I’ve tried hatch from 3 different stands in south Denver. None of them taste or even look the same. Makes me think they are just selling whatever they can get there hands on and call it “hatch”

  • kbreukels

    Any updates for 2017 yet?

  • Christine H

    2017: I bought green chilies at 8th and Federal yesterday, 9/10. They plan to be there through the end of October. $35 for two baskets. The chilies I packed up last night had good flavor and were big and meaty.

  • T. Velasquez

    Pueblo are better than Hatch IMO

  • frank king

    Why is it that the chili stand on 8th and federal say in this add that there roasted chili is $32 for 2 bushels and $20 a bushel for dynamite I went there and it was $45 for 2 bushels and $30 a bushel for dynamite that’s false advertising.

  • frank king

    Lopez chili on 158 s federal there dynamite isn’t hot at all.

  • frank king

    I forgot to mention that Lopez dynamite isn’t that hot but it really is good and has a good flavor.

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