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Green Chile Vendors by Location

When I first heard about buying fresh roasted green chiles here in Denver, I asked, “Where?”  The answer?  “Just drive up and down Federal.” Now that I’ve researched this question, I find the answer is more like, “Everywhere!”  We have many vendors selling all different varieties all over the Denver Metro area.
If you want to find green chiles near your home or work, here is your reference.
Do you know of some not listed?  Email me at denvergreenchili@gmail.com with location. Phone number or hours help!
(I’ve found signs & tables with no one there – I don’t list those.)
Denver Metro
Denver North
Boulder County
Denver West
Denver South
Ft. Collins/Loveland
Colorado Springs
Mountain Areas

2 comments to Green Chile Vendors by Location

  • Jerry

    When will you have Chile’s available in 2013?

    • Anita

      The new crop of chiles will start to arrive early August. Only certain varieties will be available that early, but by the end of August all varieties will be here in abundance. There are still frozen fresh roasted green chiles available from The Chili Guys at 55th & Federal, 303-455-4030. They have about 3 or 4 of the most popular varieties still available.

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