Produce Markets

Full Produce Markets that also roast chiles

Updated August 2013

Vendor Hours Varieties Prices
D & D Produce+
Hamilton Pl & Federal
3475 S. Federal
9am – 9pm
7 days
Hatch Mild, Medium, Hot, X-Hot
Mosco, Poblano, Sandia
+full produce stand
(awesome produce!)
$50/2 bushels
Special: $5 free produce w/
each bushel
Mention Denver Green Chili Ad
Hilltop Gardens+

2 locations:
Federal & 96th,

Jensen’s Flower
845 Wadsworth 80214

Anaheim Medium, Hatch Mild, Hatch Medium, Mexican, Big Jim,
Mirasol, Sandia, Hatch Hot
$30/bushel, roasted

$32/bushel, roasted

$35/bushel, roasted

Wilkerson Produce +
1976 S. Elati St.
9-7 daily
~mid Oct.
Anaheim Mild, Anaheim Medium, Anaheim Hot,Big Jim, Mirasol,
Other varieties can be ordered on request
Call for price.
Nick’s Garden Center+
2001 S. Chambers Rd.,
Aurora web site
M-Sat 8-6
Sun 9-5

til ~ end of September

frozen chiles available all year

Hatch Mild, Medium & Hot,
Big Jim, Sandia,
Barker X hot, Mirasol, Ancho, Pueblo Mosco

Suharo end of August


$32/farmer’s bushel, roasted
$20/half-bushel, roasted
$28/ bushel, fresh
$16/half-bushel, fresh
$40/ farmer’s bushel
$24/ half bushel
Incredible Edibles+
1950 S. Parker Rd
(Parker Rd & Jewell),
Aurora 303-523-6400
Steve & Jessica
open daily
10-6 M-F,
10-5 weekends

until mid-October


Hatch mild, med, hot
Pueblo mild, med, hot

+ full farmer’s market
Chimayo Chili Powder, hot
$5 / 8 oz bag

$30/farmers bushel, roasted
$20/half-bushel, roasted

$10/quarter-bushel roasted

Tagawa Gardens
7711 S. Parker Rd ,
roasting weekends through September Anaheim mild, Big Jim medium, Pueblo Hot $36/bushel, roasted

3 comments to Produce Markets

  • Ladies & Gentlemen:
    You have a great website with a wealth of information!
    I am from Colorado but moved to SW Florida 15 years ago. There is NO Mexican food here like there is in Colorado! NO ONE knows what Chile Verde con Puerco is! NO one ever heard of “Green Chile (Hatch, Anaheim, or other) Sauce” and everyone here uses either Poblano peppers (too bitter for our Colorado Green Chili/Chile ” or— tomatillos and jalapenos ground together–and that’s what (even the Mexican natives form the Yucatan and the Mexican cities & towns that are south of the states of Vera Cruz & Puebla.
    “Sadly” I had to resort to learn how to make a decent recipe of my own Pork Green Chile– and now make it in 2 gallon batches; bottle – or “can”” it into pint & quart Ball or Kerr jars following USDA publications and Ball’s Canning Guide for proper canning techniques!
    I bought a HUGE pressure canner a few years ago.. But learned I can properly “can” my Chile and my wife’s five-pepper recipe salsa in a boiling water bath!! Every jar so far has had the proper techniques applied- and the jar lids pop in- indicating a proper seal!
    Then I made labels for the ingredient, nutrition & cooking directions –and have been selling this to my dozen or so Colorado ex-patriots who live in my area and who also are sorely missing “proper Colorado Mexican food restaurant”.
    Thus my email address: “” – as I have added several more Colorado Mexican foods we all miss! Last year I went to a Chinese market and found the thicker style eggroll skins (not the thinner ones as sold in Grocery stores in the fresh produce or freezer sections) — and began making Colorado style CRISPY Chile Rellenos!

    The point of all that?
    I will be going home to Denver for 2 weeks July 24. I will be visiting as many of the recommended sites as you show in this website and appreciate your hard work for assembling all this info!
    Any additional advice you can send me is greatly welcomed.
    Thank you,

    • Anita

      Well, Cliff, you will just barely be hitting the beginning of the chile harvest. The first harvest will be coming in first week of August. There will only be a couple of varieties, but you still might want to pick up a bushel or two. For sure, The Chili Guys at 55th & Federal will be roasting. Most vendors will not start roasting till a couple weeks later.

      Now for restaurants, people have different favorites. Some of mine are City Grille for their Colorado style chili verde (has tomatoes & is thickened), and Little Anita’s for their calabacitas burritos. I like Jack-n-Grill for their breakfast burritos. Well, the list goes on and on. You can pick up vats of chili verde at any Santiago’s. Give me a call if you want more suggestions!

  • Chris

    I have been trying to find and make a chile recipe like Chubby’s for years now I have tried almost evry recipe on here lol, all where good but not the same thing. Can you give me any advice or a recipe that would help me out?

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