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Recipe of the Week - 1/13/12
Sausage Chile Corn Relish

This is yet another of my variations on "guacamole
supreme." I figured you can't go wrong on this
combination and I was right. In the picture, this dish
is missing the cilantro and guacamole. I'm planning
to take it to a party tomorrow where I'll serve it
with the works. It is probably more "authentic" with
chorizo, but I used Jimmy Dean Regular Pork Sausage,
mainly because I had a lot of it.

I've always made my own guacamole before, but
last week they had Wholly Guacamole on sale at
Costco. It's really very good, and I realized that
you don't save any money by making it yourself.

I think this is a festive, robust way to dress up
guacamole, and it is fairly quick and easy to make.

Sausage Chile Corn Relish



1. Put onion and sausage in skillet. Sautee while breaking sausage up into
little bits until sausage is just browned.
2. Add green chiles and corn and cook on high until corn starts to sear.

3. Add garlic and cook two more minutes on medium high. 

4. Remove from heat and stir in tomatoes and cilantro.

5. Scoop guacamole into medium serving bowls and make a large dent
(enough to hold a cup) in the middle of each with a serving spoon.
Fill the dent with the Sausage Chile Corn Relish. Top with a dollop of
sour cream, if desired, and serve with tortilla chips.
Preparation time: 20 minutes
Serves: 12

Sausage Chile Corn Relish

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