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Green chili? My foot!

Checked out the recipes you have here for green chili and I have to tell you that none of them qualifies as real green chili. First of all, if you are using anything canned, it’s not homemade, especially if you are using salsa with vinager (that’s not green chili sauce). Second, if you are using green chilis in combination with spices normally used in chili con carne, then you have chili con carne with green chilis, not green chili sauce. Real green chili gets its flavor soley from the ‘green’ vegetables, not from any spices -hence, the name ‘green chili’ people.

Green chili has a few, very simple ingredients:
Pork cubes (use whatever cut you like)
Garlic (fresh, smashed, not the powdered crap in the jar -and don’t use onions because they overpower the chili taste, and that’s what you’re really looking for -crisp, green chili taste)
Saute garlic in olive oil, then brown the pork
Next, Anaheim or Hatch green chilis (roast and peel them yourself; there’s a huge difference between chilis roasted and peeled at home and canned chilis, which taste of the can they came in)
Next, jalapenos (also roasted and peeled at home -not canned -yuck! how can you people use canned jalapenos? They’re disgusting)
Next, you can put a couple tomatoes in (think about using tomatillos instead for the native touch; plus, tomatillos compliment the chili with their own ‘green’ taste).
Next, simmer for a couple hours to marry the flavors
Just before it’s ready, use a little corn masa (not corn starch) to thicken, but don’t go overboard

And that’s it -no oregano, no cilantro, no cumin, red chili, or anything like that. How you have the nerve to add all that junk to the pot and still call it green chili is beyond me.

— Pamela

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  • Dean

    Pamela is ON THE MONEY

    These might be novel interpretations, and they might even be preferred by some… but Green Chili is a simple home made dish, not a potpourri of canned, bottled, prepackaged & processed ingredients!

    I would, however, differ in her opinion that it cannot contain certain regionally correct and authentic herbs &/or dried spices. While not always being my absolute favorite, certain authentic Green Chili’s (like the original Chubby’s at 38th & Lipan, Santiago’s, and similar such recipes)must be included in the definition of Green Chili and include things like Chili Rojo & Cilantro. Flour is commonly used as a thickener in many Mexican Family recipes in Denver.

    Sadly, some of the best examples have come and gone in Denver (B & J’s Cafe 33rd & Tejon {I still cry at this loss} …as well as Los Balcones {the old green chili plate NOT the sauce used for smothering} on So. SanteFe)

    …But at least there are still holdouts like La Lomas at 26th & Bryant and Lacasita’s at 35th & Tejon (they have OUTSTANDING New Mexico Style … try it with the Green Chili Tamales for absolute Chili Verde Nivana!!!)

    Could someone please submit a REAL Green Chili Recipe on this site?

  • Pat kelly

    Has anybody found the recipe for chubbys red or green chili? Ty

    • Anita

      Ty, it’s a secret recipe – family won’t share it. I’ve looked for copycat recipes on the web. No luck so far. I’m going to try to duplicate the recipe myself, but it might take some time. Wish me luck!

  • Scott

    Best article I have read on here I totally agree and was turned off by your so called winners each year….I hope things change and I would like to enter authentic homemade green chile stew….

    Two thumbs up for Pamela

  • Renee

    Found this recipe that comes close to Santiagos! http://www.heavydoody.net/santiagos-green-chili/

  • Kenton

    What an opinionated comment by Pamela. It’s a matter of taste preference. Taste Mary Parker’s Dragonfly Chili and you’ll see a fantastic meal, whether YOU like it or not. I find it very irritating that people think their opinions are the only right ones. Make your statement like an opinion, not like the entire world is wrong except you.

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