Frozen Chile Guide

Freezing your fresh roasted green chiles is the very best way to preserve that wonderful flavor of roasted green chile to enjoy all year round.

You can also can green chiles, but many chile lovers prefer to freeze them to maintain that unique roasted chile flavor while minimizing effort and health risks. For canning instructions, see Canning Green Chile.

Dynamite Chiles from Brighton

Professionally vacuum packed frozen chiles

If you are freezing your own chiles, be sure to

If you don’t have the time to get your own fresh roasted chiles and pack them up, or if you can’t get them in your part of the country, there are advantages to buying them already frozen. Of course, they cost more to have them shipped, but:

  • The chiles are vacuum packed in industrial quality freezer bags
  • They are frozen within hours of roasting
    (which people rarely do themselves)
  • They are well-labeled and ready to thrown into the freezer
  • They will keep years longer than bags you pack yourself

Click here to mail order frozen chili peppers. If you are local to the Denver Metro area, you have the option to pick them up and save on shipping costs – your order will be assembled and waiting for you!