Green Chile Classes

 All About Green Chiles

Gourmet Chile Recipe Sampling, Education on Chile Varieties and more

Green Chili with Posole samples at the Chili Fest

Free Samples of spicy Green Chili with Posole Disappeared in no time at the Chili Fest at Nick's Garden Center in 2011

I teach chile classes from August through September at various locations throughout the Denver Metro area. Classes normally take about 1 1/2 hours and are usually free to attendees.  For the schedule of classes, see the Events Page. This page is not updated until early August each year.

Here is what the class covers:

  Chile Class and Gourmet Recipe Tasting

  Find out how chiles can make your recipes  “ irresistible !   

–        Sample gourmet chile dishes

–        Learn about & taste different chile varieties 

–        Hundreds of recipes using green chiles

–        Learn how to prepare chiles for freezing & year-round cooking

 What do people say about our classes?
“I can’t thank Anita enough for teaching her class on how to use Green Chili to our customers here at Hilltop Gardens.  Anita’s class was fun, informative and best of all the sample recipes were delicious.  Our customers are excited to have Anita return this year!” 
– Kelly Scharf, Manager, Hilltop Gardens and Farm Market


  Freebies: gloves, bags, and cooking demo dvds   to take home with your bushels of chiles!

First 20 minutes or so: We have 3 separate dishes prepared, each dish made with 3 different varieties of chiles (9 dishes total). We sample one dish at a time starting with the mildest chile and progressing to hottest. Then you vote on which chile is best in the dish! This is to give students a sense of which varieties of chiles to use different recipes.

Then we cover about a dozen of the most popular varieties of chiles: where are they grown, what to look for when buying them, how to recognize the different varieties.

Next I cook up quesadillas with the different varieties available to buy at the location of the class. After tasting a dozen different varieties cooked up into quesadillas, you know which ones you want to take home with you!

Next we cover how to peel, seed, and freeze green chiles so you have them available for year round cooking.


Chile Class / Demo taught by Anita Edge,

Chief Enchilada at 

Hilltop Gardens gives Free Chile Classes

Free Chile Classes for Customers at Hilltop Gardens