Chile Pepper Lights

Looking for some great Southwestern Christmas lights? Here are some beautiful, popular ones on Amazon. (All the lights below have good reviews – I checked.) Amazon is featuring free shipping for orders $25+. It’s also a great time to sign up for Amazon Prime where you get free 2-day shipping on all orders, plus great shows streamed to your tv.
Watch Out: Some of these lights are battery operated & some plug into an outlet- read carefully!
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Chili Pepper Lights

Vickerman Set of 35 Red, Green and Yellow Chili Pepper Christmas Lights – Green Wire

Chili Pepper Lights - clusters of 3

Sienna Set of 36 Red, Yellow & Green Chili Pepper Cluster Christmas Lights – Brown Wire


Red Chili Pepper Lights

Sival – 35 Light 13.5′ Green Wire Red Chili Pepper String

Red Chili Pepper String Lights

20 Red Chili Pepper Battery Operated LED Kitchen String Lights


Red, Yellow, and Green Chili Pepper String Lights

Holiday Festive Chili Pepper String Lights – 3 Color – 50 – Count

Chili Pepper String Lights - Red, Green, and Yellow


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