Super Bowl Ideas

What Makes a Good Super Bowl Party?

(uh…besides your team winning!)

Great food, pre-game & down-time entertainment, & festive decorations!

Awesome Food

Super Bowl Favorite RecipesFor great food, download our Super Bowl Favorite Recipes eCookbook here.
And plan to set up a Taco Bar at the center of the food. Everyone loves creating their own custom tacos exactly the way they like them. See Taco Bar instructions here.

Great Drinks

Of course, you need a variety of everyone’s favorite beers. And wine, soft drinks, and your basics like water and coffee for after the game.

Broncos cocktail

Bronco-tini from Heather Blake

Broncos cocktail

Orange Crush-tini by Heather Blake

But how about some special Super Bowl cocktails? Heather Blake invented a couple Bronco-themed winners that you’ll find in our
Super Bowl Favorite Recipes eCookbook and on Heather’s website, Do these look amazing or what?

 Pre-game Entertainment

How about some Super Bowl Trivia?
You can find a timed (7 minutes) Super Bowl Trivia game here. Take 2-3 laptops. Divide the guests into 2 or 3 teams. Put them in different rooms or at least at a distance from each other. Give them a countdown and the flag goes down. At the end of the 7 minutes, which team scored the highest?? Award them the game day ball … or maybe a beer for each team member!

Want a full battery of Super Bowl Trivia?
See the massive list of Super Bowl Records on Wikipedia. It’s enough to intimidate even the biggest die-hard Super Bowl expert. Got some opposing team fans at your party? It’s a great way to intimidate them!

Super Bowl Decorations

Personally, I like to keep it simple and not too expensive. But there’s still a lot you can do here!
Super Bowl napkins and plates are available at your nearby grocery store or Walmart.
A few easy, inexpensive decorations can make a big difference. Evite has designed a print-it-yourself football-themed “Concession Stand” sign. Each letter is printed on a separate sheet of paper or card stock and you just need about 15 feet of twine and tape to hang it.

You can access the pdf file to print the sign here.

And here is what your sign will look like when you hang it:

Football Concession Stand Decoration


Want to get even fancier? Evite also provides instructions for creating an astroturf-covered football-themed drink tub – here’s what it looks like:

Astroturf Football Drink Tub


Hey, Evite is full of game day party ideas. You can access their whole party page here.

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