How to Roast Green Chiles with a Chile Roaster

How To Roast Chile with a Chile Roaster   

Did you ever consider roasting your own chiles? Well, it’s really quite easy. Home style chile roasters are now available and roasting your own can be convenient and rewarding. There is nothing like the smell of a batch of fresh roasted green chiles roasting in a small personal chile roaster. So, here’s how to get started.


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Home Green Chile RoasterA small  chile roaster uses propane and the bottle to your gas grill will work great. Connect the high pressure regulator to the propane bottle and we’re ready to get started. Load fresh chile in the roaster filling it half full. This will allow room for chiles to tumble. Carefully light the burners and turn burners up to an intense flame. To roast chile we need a powerful flame to burn the peel but not cook the meat of the chile. Begin rotating the barrel so the product roatates from the bottom up into the flame. Always make complete roatations. In other words don’t rock the barrel back and forth! This action will cause excessive heat stress to one side of your roaster shortening the life of the steel mesh.


Roasted Green ChilesOne rotation every five seconds is usually a good rule when roasting. Chiles will start to blister and turn brown before blackening. Roasting time per batch is normally four to five minutes. Peel will start separating from the meat and you will notice some green spots starting to appear. The chile is ready to be removed. Turn off the gas and use gloves to open your roaster. Chile and parts will be very hot! So use caution! Let your chile cool then wash and prepare or package in freezer bags if they’re to be frozen. Do not wash if they are going to be frozen. Leaving the burned peel on during the freezing will help retain flavor.


So, chile roasting is easy and fun. Go ahead, fire up the chile roaster and start enjoying fresh roasted chile.