Broncos Stuff at Westex Restaurant Show

Yep … it’s official. Denver Broncos Tortilla ChipsBlue and Orange tortilla chips for the Denver Broncos

I was just strolling down the aisles at  Westex yesterday sampling smoked salmon, chunky guacamole, andouille sausage, bing cherry rasperry juice, key lime pie … you might say I was snarfing. Then it hit me. These bright orange chips stood out like a beacon a mile away. And to make even more sure you didn’t miss them, a bevy of Broncos cheerleaders were also beckoning you in. And of course, Miles was also prancing back and forth, pretending to eat. Apparently they don’t let him have Broncos tortilla chips with his oats. Oh, I forgot to explain … what’s Westex? It’s the big annual restaurant show put on by Sysco, with hundreds of booths manned by companies who supply restaurants. Most of these booths were serving food samples, lots of gourmet food samples. 

Miles, the official mascot of the Denver Broncos

Miles, the official mascot of the Denver Broncos

So who is buying these orange … make that neon orange … chip?  Got a restaurant? Or better yet, a bar-restaurant? Or…even better, just a bar? A sports bar with wall-to-wall giant TV screens? And if you’re a big Broncos fan, maybe you know where some of those sports bars are.

Can’t just serve the traditional game-day stuff. You know, burgers, fries, sliders, nachos. Noooooo! Gotta have real Broncos food …

You need

Broncos Tortilla Chips!

That’s right, folks. Bona fide orange and blue tortilla chips. How can you expect your team to win if you are munching on ordinary tortilla chips?? No way!

And these aren’t just some imitation, or regular chips spray-painted blue and orange. This is the real deal – authenticated by Miles himself! Bet you didn’t know a horse was certifying food products. Or..uh, a stuff horse. Make that a horse costume stuffed with a human.

Word has it that these orange and blue tortilla chips are made, or at least distributed, by Tyson Foods.

Where do you buy them? No idea!

Want to get your hands on them? Or your mouth? Comment below. If enough people are interested, I’ll start chasing it down.

What do you think of orange and blue tortilla chips? Are we going too far? Or should we come out with every conceivable color of tortilla chip? You can bet that if people will pay, we’ll be seeing these chips in your local King Soopers, Safeway, and maybe even Costco in no time!




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