Gourmet Tenderized Octopus at Westex 2014

Tenderized Octopus for high end restaurants


Yum! Tenderized octopus all set for your favorite gourmet recipe! Favorite gourmet recipe?? I don’t have any gourmet octopus recipes. I’ve never cooked octopus in my life!

Anybody out there have a great octopus recipe? Especially one using green chiles? Post it! I might even try it. Well… maybe.

I did try this sauteed up in a little olive oil with a splash of hot sauce. It actually was very good. But then, it was also prepared by Octoman, a chef for Gullo Specialty Foods. Actually Octoman is Stephen “Octoman” Fried, a Food Curator for Gullo. What is a food curator? I dunno. As far as I can tell, a food curator is someone who cooks octopus, lots and lots of octopus. His chef’s jacket is embroidered with “Octoman“, so that means he’s real. He is quite the expert; I watched him explain to a little boy how the octopus comes from Mars. I never knew that, but then I don’t cook with octopus so I can’t expect to know anything at all about it.

I should have gone 2 aisles over to New Mexico Foods and gotten a small plate of their red and green roasted Hatch chiles, taken them to Octoman to cook up with some of that scrumptious Marian octopus. Then I could have taken fabulous photos and published it as the recipe of the week.

But I blew it. Oh, well….

Gourmet Octopus

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