Lulu’s Farm Homemade Hot Hatch Salsa


Lulu’s Farm Homemade Hatch Hot Salsa is a specialty of Lulu’s Farm and is only sold at Lulu’s Farm and The Chili Guys. Is it hot? Yup, good & hot. This salsa has proven to be a favorite of those who like their chiles hot. It’s a tomato-based salsa with hot red chiles in it.

You can serve it with chips, but be aware that some people may find it too hot for a chip dip. The heat-lovers won’t, though. I’m not the super-hot type, though, so I’ll tend to use it as an accent on dishes that can use some more heat and flavor. Like stir it into hummus or cheese dip. Or you might add some to a vat of chili to make it more memorable.

Try it out – if you like your salsa hot, you’ll be glad you did.

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