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Favorite Game Day Recipes

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What makes a great game day spread???
(not including obvious drinks)
Here are our criteria:

  • Yummy snack food
  • Quick, easy, & scrumptious
  • Can be prepared in advance
  • Can sit out for 3 hours
  • Self-servable
  • Goes with beer
  • Looks as good as it tastes

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Our Favorite Game Day Recipes

Popular Restaurant Recipes

Original Chubby’s Green Chili (Copycat)
Sam’s #3  Kickin’ Green Chili

Green Chili

Gambler’s Chili (2008 champion)

Spicy (& Easy) Pulled Pork

Awesome Appetizers

Bacon Chile Appetizers – rated #1 at parties!


Dips & Salsas

Simple Sensational Green Chile Dip – Killer, I make this over & over!


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