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Restaurant Reviews

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321 E. Colfax
Denver, 80203

Repeatedly voted Best Colorado-Style green chili in Denver by WestWord.  This is truly killer green chili – one of a handful of restaurants that I really go out of my way to take friends to.  The green chili is robust, flavorful, thick… and hot!  But not deadly hot.  And it’s balanced, well rounded heat and flavor.  If you haven’t tried it you must!  What is Colorado-Style?  Usually it has tomatoes and thickening, as opposed to New Mexico Style – no tomatoes and soupy.

At restaurant.com, City Grille often offers a 50% off dining certificate at the same rate as the $25 dining certificates – $10 full price (yah – a rip-off at full price!).  But when you get 60 to 80% off, it’s $2 to $4 … then get a half dozen or more together at CityGrille – and you gotta deal!!!  Up to $30 off on your check!  Party time!