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Recipe of the Week - 10/29/11
Charlie’s Chili Pepper Spice Cake with Lime and Green Chili Glaze

This is a moist and flavorful cake. It was created by Charlie McLeod
and won first prize at the Denver Chili Fest.

I would make this with mild chiles and I would always puree the
chiles and the milk.

This was very popular with the crowd and disappeared in no time.

Charlie’s Chili Pepper Spice Cake with Lime and Green Chili Glaze

1 Cup Sugar
1 Cup Brown Sugar
1/2 Cup Butter (softened)
4 Eggs
1 Cup Green Chilies*
1/2 Cup Milk*
1 1/2 Cups All-purpose flour
1 Cup Oatmeal
2 tsp Baking Soda
1 tsp Salt
1 tsp Pumpkin Pie Spice


1. Preheat oven to 350 degrees. Combine the Flour, Oatmeal, baking
soda, salt, and Pumpkin Pie Spice. Set aside.
2. Combine Sugar, Brown Sugar and Butter, mix until well saturated.

3. Add Eggs mix well.

4. Blend in the chiles and milk.
* Depending on whether you are using fresh, frozen or canned Chilies,
the liquid content can be tricky.  To simplify the process I puree my
1 Cup of chilies in the blender, then, add enough milk to the chilies
to make 2 cups of liquid in the blender.

5. When the wet ingredients are well blended, add in the dry
ingredients, slowly blend into the mixture.

6. Pour your batter into a bundt pan. I begin checking the cake for
doneness at about 50 minutes.  The cake is done when a toothpick
inserted in the center of the cake, comes out clean.

7. Allow Cake to cool for 15 minutes.  Turn the pan over onto a plate. 
Poke holes through the sides and top of the cake, and then return to
the pan.  Pour you glaze over the warm cake, be sure to allow the
glaze to pour down the sides and center of the pan.  Allow the cake
to soak up the glaze, then turn cake onto the plate.



1/4 Cup Lime Juice
1 tsp Green Chili Powder (mild)
2 Tbs Butter (Melted)
2 Cups Powdered Sugar
1-2 Tbs of water if the consistency is too thick

Mix all of the glaze ingredients in a bowl until smooth, and the sugar
has dissolved.

Preparation time: 1 hour
Serves: 12 to 16


Charlie’s Chili Pepper Spice Cake with Lime and Green Chili Glaze

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