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Where to Buy Chili Peppers

For years, I’ve gotten countless emails from all over the country asking where to mail order green chiles. I’ve done extensive research and have found nearly two dozen places. It will take a while to compile all the data, but here is some of it.

Most chile merchants only sell 4 varieties, and costs can be over $28 a pound!

#1 The Chili Guys – These guys run circles around everyone else with better selection, quality packaging and shipping, and significantly lower prices than anyone else. I set up an easy way to order from them here.

Varieties: Hatch Mild (6-4), Big Jim, Chubby, Sandia, Mosco (Mirasol), Espanola, Barker, Dynamite, and at least 10 more

Price: At least $2 per pound cheaper than anyone else. Price per pound varies by quantity and shipping destination.


Varieties: Hatch Mild (NuMex 6-4), Big Jim, Sandia, Lumbre

Price: $13.50 to $17 per pound


New Mexican Connection

Varieties: Hatch Mild (NuMex 6-4), Big Jim, Sandia, Barker

Price: $9.50 to $13.50 per pound


NM Chili

Varieties: Hatch Mild, Medium, Hot (Sandia), X-hot [except for Sandia, varieties not specified

Price: $24.63 to $28.65 per pound