Weekly Recipes

Sun Dried Tomato & Green Chile Hummus

Sun Dried Tomato & Green Chile Hummus

Sun Dried Tomato & Green Chile Hummus is super easy to make, very tasty, goes with all kinds […]

Curried Kabocha Chile Dip

Curried Kabocha Chile Dip

Curried Kabocha Chile Dip is easy, flavorful, super nutritious, and good on pita, crackers or just as a […]

New Year’s Hummus

New Year's Hummus

New Year’s Hummus is basically hummus made with black eyed peas – a traditional New Year’s Day food. […]

Tangy Veggie Spread

Tangy Veggie Spread

Ever tried the Garden Vegetable Philadelphia Cream Cheese? (Or a store brand knock-off) It’s one of my favorite flavors. […]

Awesome Easy Bean Dip

Awesome Easy Peasy Funny Looking Bean Dip

Awesome Easy Bean Dip just takes 3 main ingredients – black beans, Rotel tomatoes, and cream cheese – […]


Spicy Babaganoush

Babaganoush is a tasty, nutritious, Paleo, vegan, and low carb dip great with crudites, pita bread, or even […]

Onion Garlic Chile Dip

Onion Garlic Green Chile Dip

A caramelized onion garlic and green chile dip, fresh and flavorful, wonderful on chips, veggies or on top of main dishes and meat. […]

Green Chile Spinach Artichoke Dip

Spicy Spinach Artichoke Dip

A super quick, scrumptious, and a little spicy dip with a hint of Southwestern green chile flavor. Ideal for any party. […]

Easy Spicy Eggplant Dip (Mutabbal)

Mutabbal recipe

An amazingly quick version of the popular Middle Eastern eggplant dip called mutabbal or baba ganoush. […]

Veggie Green Chile Cream Cheese Spread

Veggie Cream Cheese Spread

A simple, versatile and very flavorful cream cheese spread ideal for parties and get together. This is a copycat of Philadelphia Garden Vegetable Cream Cheese. […]