Weekly Recipes

Cranberry Chile Relish

Cranberry Chile Relish is an unusual fresh (not cooked), tart, slightly sweet, slightly hot relish best served on the […]

Cranberry Chile Chutney

Cranberry Chile Chutney

Cranberry Chile Chutney is a spicy sweet tart condiment that makes an exceptional compliment to turkey, potatoes, yams, or […]

Caramelized Onions

Caramelized Rajas

A spicy, flavorful grilled onion ideal on hamburgers, hot dogs, or all by itself. […]

Green Chile Chutney

Green Chili Chutney

An amazingly simple condiment that can be served many ways to make anything from a basic chip dip to an elegant appetizer. Try it with baked brie and French bread. […]

Garlic Chile Aioli

Garlic Green Chile Aioli

Want to add a kick to those burgers, brats, grilled chicken, or whatever this Labor Day? My Garlic Chile […]

Pickled Green Chiles

Pickled Chiles

So easy, so tasty, so versatile! These pickled green chiles are a distinctive twist on fresh roasted green chiles and make a nice addition to that game day party. […]