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Broncos Deviled Eggs

Blue and Orange Deviled Eggs

Broncos Deviled Eggs is a simple, yet very addictive deviled egg recipe … but with the added step of dying the eggs whites bright blue and bright orange. Amazing how well it works

An ideal appetizer for a Super Bowl party, and surprisingly easy to do. From a pure recipe standpoint, this is one of my favorites. It’s amazing how much the pecans add to these deviled eggs. Personally, I would double or triple the recipe for a party, depending on how many guests you have. You can also make these a day ahead of time. I made these and ended up having deviled eggs for lunch, dinner, and breakfast. They are addictive.

A warning: To get even coloring on the egg whites, you must start with them clean – after you remove the yolks, little bits of yolk tend to stick to the white. To fix this, put the whites in a bowl of water, put your hands in the water, and gently brush of the bits of yolk. Another gotcha – after you dye them, keep the orange and blue ones from touching each other. When an orange egg white comes into contact with a blue egg white, it gets blue spots; the spots will actually spread. My photo above is a bit splotchy because I made both of these mistakes. Otherwise, dying the whites works like a charm.

Broncos Deviled Eggs
Prep time
Total time
Recipe type: Appetizer
Serves: 12 servings
  • 6 hard boiled eggs, peeled
  • ½ tsp yellow mustard
  • ¼ cup mayonnaise
  • ¼ tsp salt
  • ¼ cup diced green chiles
  • ¼ cup ground pecans (grind them in a blender)
  • paprika for garnish
  • for dyeing:
  • 1 cup hot water
  • 1 tsp white vinegar
  • 1 tsp food coloring
  1. Slice the eggs in half lengthwise. Scoop the yolks out and into a bowl.
  2. Blend the mustard, mayonnaise, salt, chiles, and pecans with the yolks till smooth.
  3. Put the whites in a bowl of water and gently rub them with your hands to make sure all bits of yolk are washed off. Drain and rinse them to make sure yolk bits are gone.
  4. Set up 2 separate glass or ceramic cups, one for blue and one for orange.
  5. Make a blue mixture (water, vinegar, food coloring) and an orange mixture.
  6. Separate the whites into 2 groups, then one at a time, put each white into the dye bath. Leave in for about 2 minutes. You can fish them out to check the color and put them back in if you want them darker.
  7. When you finish dyeing each egg white, place it on a plate - have separate plates for orange and blue. For best results, don't let any eggs touch each other. See notes.
  8. Scoop a rounded spoonful of the yolk mixture into each egg white and sprinkle with paprika.
  9. Serve on a platter or deviled egg serving dish.
For prettiest results, make sure the egg whites are clean, with no bits of yolk.
Dye each one separately. If you put multiple egg whites in the dye bath together, they will end up with light spots where they were touching.
After the whites are dyed, if orange and blue whites touch each other, some of the dye will transfer and the orange whites will have blue spots.

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