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World Champion Green Chili 2008

Gambler's Chili

One of the easier and one of the very best of the World Champion Green Chili recipes. This is easy to make and always turns out fabulous.

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Gambler's Chili
Prep time
Cook time
Total time
A simple, straightforward recipe.
Recipe type: green chili
Serves: 10
  • 2 lbs. pork tenderloin, cubed
  • 1 cup coarsely chopped onion
  • 14 oz. Swanson chicken broth
  • 10 oz can or bottle of green salsa
  • 2½ cups diced green chiles
  • Spice Mix Ingredients:
  • 3 tsp garlic (minced or mashed)
  • 2 ½ Tbsp chicken base (bouillon)
  • 1 tsp celery salt
  • 1 Tbsp flour
  • 2 tsp oregano
  • 1 Tbsp cumin
  • 3 Tbsp diced jalapeno pepper
  • 1 Tbsp dried cilantro (Pendries powder or 3 Tbsp fresh finely chopped)
  • 1 Tbsp green chili powder
  • *Tabasco (green)
  • *Salt Salt to taste
  • Cook additional 15-20 minutes
  1. Brown pork and drain.
  2. Add onion and chicken broth, then simmer 1 hour, stirring often to avoid sticking.
  3. Add spice mix and green chili salsa, then simmer 1 hour.
  4. Add diced green chiles, then add salt and tabasco to taste.
  5. Simmer another hour and serve.


18 comments to World Champion Green Chili 2008

  • digitel

    Green Salsa any kind? like 505 or pace or more like the Hatch Green enchilada sauce?


    • Anita

      Sorry bout the delay. Yes, any kind will do. I tend to use the Safeway brand. I think it is particularly good and less expensive that most others.
      Note, green salsa is different from green enchilada sauce. 505 makes a whole line of products, and I think most of them are very good.

      Green chili powder is harder to find. You can’t find it in most grocery stores. It is at The Chili Guys at 55th & Federal and at the Savory Spice Shop in Old Littleton.

  • Brad

    This is a fabulous recipe. I’m completely hooked on it. A note regarding the green salsa; the brand you buy makes a huge difference. For example, some green salsa brands are heavy on the jalapeno, while others are heavy with the tomatillos. Brands with more jalapeno obviously bring more heat to the recipe. I’ve found that I enjoy using about 5oz of each (I haven’t found any one brand with the perfect mix yet).

    As the reader above mentioned, green chili powder is tough to find. For a couple of years I made this without the green chili powder until a couple of months ago when I finally bought some online, and let me tell you, it does make a difference… it adds really great flavor. So if you’ve been making this without the green chili powder, I encourage you to spend a few bucks and order some online.

    For my twist on this recipe, I like to cook up a bunch of bacon to use for other recipes in order to have the bacon grease to cook my pork in. It brings in a nice flavor. A couple of other winning recipes on the site did that, and it’s a nice touch.

    Finally, the great thing about this recipe is that it is so dang easy… most ingredients I have around the house on a regular basis. It’s a snap to make, and is just awesome! I like to serve with warm tortillas. Lauren Ray, I love you!

  • Ilene Rice

    First time making Green Chili Stew. The recipe says it serves 10. There is so little liquid-is something missing?

  • steve

    I usually use more than 2 lbs of meat and prefer the Herndez green salsa. The hardest part for me is preparing the green chilies. I use a mix of poblano and cubanelle peppers. Very good over rice!

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  • Great article, exactly what I needed.

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  • Bryan

    I like it, but way too salty. Except for the celery salt I don’t know where all the salt came from. Could not find green chile powder and only used a splash of green tabasco before simmering. It is great though and I’m putting it on my shredded beef burritos for the Super Bowl. GO BRONCOS.

  • Judy

    Hi, just had this yesterday and it is delicious…Where can I find diced greeen chilis?? Does it come in a can or are they fresh chilis and if so, what kind?

    • Anita

      Well, I’ve been cooking a lot lately with diced green chilesd, which are more convenient than the whole roasted ones I have frozen. I’ve been using Select New Mexico frozen green chiles – these are peeled, seeded, and diced. They are roasted midway through the packaging process. They come in mild and hot and are found at Walmart, King Soopers, and Costco. See http://selectnewmexico.com/where-to-buy for store locations, but call first. I’ve also been using 505 Southwestern diced green chiles which come in a jar. These come in mild, medium, and hot and you can buy large jars in Costco. There are many brands of canned diced green chiles available in any grocery store. There is Ortega, Hatch Select and more. Costco has large cans of the Hatch Select which are much cheaper than the smaller ones.

  • My go to recipe. I went to a low sodium broth and omitted the celery salt because my first batch was way to salty. Salt to taste for each individual is safe

  • Frank Nachtman

    Hi, getting ready for my first batch of this great sounding green chili, and I was wondering if anyone other than Jamey had a problem with saltiness. Thanks for any advice whatsoever. This is not Bobby Flay.

    • Anita

      Hi Frank,
      I find many of the champion green chili recipes tend to be a bit salty. This one gets most of its salt from the chicken base (mostly salt) and celery salt (50% salt). I’ve gotten in the habit of cutting back on the salt in most recipes and adding to taste. In this case, using celery seed instead of celery salt would help. Celery salt is just salt + celery seed. I’ve only gotten the one complaint about too much salt, but better to be cautious as you can’t remove salt:)

    • Anita

      I always taste as I go along. I’ve found it’s not uncommon for these recipes to be a bit heavy on spices and salt.

  • johnny hottub

    Took home first place this year. This chili absolutely SLAYED our chili competition in Minneapolis. Not a lot of “green” chili’s around these parts. I also added italian sausage and Ground chuck. Friggin amazing. Thank you for this!

    • Anita

      Awesome! Congratulations! Most of these World Champion recipes are pretty bombproof – but I have a few that are my favorites! Some of them are too complex (too many or hard to get ingredients) to be worth it, so I stick to my favorites.

      We’re counting on you winning again next year, ok?


  • Dan Dieter

    I have all the ingredients for this except the dried cilantro. Would ground cumin or coriander work as substitutes?

    • Anita

      Hi Dan,
      This 2008 recipe is one of my favorites, full of flavor. I would just leave the cilantro out – you won’t notice the difference. Cilantro is mild compared to the other spices. I’ll bet it turns out great – enjoy!

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